Inner Thoughts of Eric Brill
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Can You Solve This? (GAME)

“Can You Solve This?” presents you with an unknown theory to solve. Using numbers it enhances your ability to solve problems. It’s challenging, but the more effectively you use the scientific method, the more you’ll win.

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About Eric Brill

I'm a passionate individual on a mission to run successful projects, reach my full potential, and achieve the highest expression of myself.

I love creating games for iOS, making websites for myself and businesses, writing, deep thinking, making and eating food following the guidelines of the paleo diet, playing beach volleyball, practicing yoga, taking long walks, and doing primal exercises.

Death the True Motivator of Life

I was in a class early this week and I overheard a conversation. A woman was discuss her husbands terminal illness. One thing that stuck out to me was that he told her, “I never realized how short life was.”

Life to Death

Short Names Kill Productivity (CODING)

I created a variable that was 2 characters a few weeks ago in my code file. I went to search for it in my code this morning. The variable is, “ct” which represent current time. When searching for, “ct” in my code file that is 1763 lines I found 1113 instances. This may be old hat, but I’m making a new personal coding standard for myself that every variable, function, etc. I create should be at least 4 characters or more.

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Western Caution: Practicing Eastern Philosophy

I grew up in the western culture. When I'm practicing eastern philosophies as a newbie I see some major problems happening to myself and it scares me. Over the last few years I have adopted many eastern philosophies. I’m a passionate person. When something starts to work well in my life, sometimes I get excited, take it on with full stride, and don't proceed with caution.

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Love Breeds Creativity

I’m tired of seeing the same things everywhere. There’s a lack of creativity and I want to start a conversation about it. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” I strongly agree with this message, so rather than exempt myself, and complain about everyone else, I will focus inwardly.

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Sexy App Icons Drive App Store Success

Impact on the app store starts with the app icon. To show my proccess I want to look at one of my iOS games On a Tilt. On a Tilt has one sexy icon. It's been featured on the App Store homepage for New and Noteworthy, What's Hot, Staff Favorites, and has been ranked in the top 100 apps.

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